Eyes On: Leaf Audio 20x20 HDBaseT Matrix System at ISE 2013

Leaf Audio's Dean Vaughn overviews the LTHDMI2020E 20x20 matrix switcher, including the engineering reason behind the product's unique design.

Eyes On: Leaf Audio 20x20 HDBaseT Matrix System at ISE 2013
Leaf Audio's LTHDMI2020E 20x20 matrix switcher
Steve Crowe · January 29, 2013

If you have a large A/V system to set up on your next installation, Leaf Audio’s LTHDMI2020E 20x20 matrix switcher can certainly come in handy.

Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2012, Leaf is debuting the 2020E in Europe at ISE 2013. The 20x20 matrix switcher featured four HDMI outputs and 16 HDBaseT outputs. Leaf says the HDBaseT “remote breakout units can receive audio and video from up to 52 potential sources,” as well as controlling data and Ethernet connectivity up to 328 feet.

The 2020E also has 20 HDMI 1.4 inputs, 16 SPDIF (coax) digital audio and 16 analog audio outputs. Sixteen bi-directional IR ports, plus RS-232, allow passing of control signals to remote devices.

CE Pro‘s Julie Jacobson demoed the unit with Leaf Audio’s Dean Vaughn, who explains the reasoning behind the unusual architecture with the connectors on the front of the 2020E.

“With regards to the connectors on the front, the main reason we’ve done this is from an engineering point of view,” says Vaughn. “We’ve tried to reduce the amount of PCBs that we use because when you’re talking about very high bandwidth as you are with HDMI, every point of connection is a potential point of failure. Within this main board, we only have two PCBs to run the whole 20 sources to 20 zones. And it allows us one connector between the PCBs, and it’s a high-quality, high-speed, 180-point connector.”

To minimize EDID errors, the 2020E includes a Zone Lock feature that locks a source to a particular zone, ensuring the display and source correctly interact. This is useful in systems where only certain displays are possible, for example, 3D, or where locking out a certain source from other zones is desired.

The 2020E is now Control4 Certified, meaning it integrates seamlessly with Control4 automation systems.

The Leaf LTHDMI2020E has an MSRP of $15,000, plus $350 per HDBaseT LTB1E breakout unit.

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