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DVDO Air: How to Stream 2D, 3D Without Wires

The award-winning DVDO Air WirelessHD Solution enables the wireless transmission of uncompressed HD audio and video in 2D and 3D formats, offering a clean, wall-mountable alternative to long cable runs.

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Advertorial · December 12, 2012

The DVDO Air WirelessHD solution enables the wireless transmission of uncompressed HD audio and video in 2D and 3D formats from HD sources to a DTV or display, without any interference from other existing wireless technologies.

The solution offers a clean, wall-mountable alternative to long cable runs and provides flexibility in positioning HD equipment anywhere in the room without the placement restrictions of a wired connection. DVDO Air features Silicon Image’s 60 GHz WirelessHD technology, which is ideal for interactive, low-latency applications, giving consumers the benefits of a “cable-like” solution for transmitting HD content, but without the cable clutter or delays.

DVDO Air is shipping now and available for purchase through distributors Structured Cable Products, Capitol Sales, and Volutone. Please visit our website for more product information.


60 GHz technology for Zero Interference, Ultra-low Latency
DVDO Air utilizes Silicon Image’s 60 GHz WirelessHD technology to achieve the highest performance coupled with interference-free operation and near-zero latency.

Easy Connection Solution Hides the Cable
The DVDO Air wireless connector transfers HD signals from cable DTV and satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, DVRs, AVRs, notebook PCs and other devices to your DTV. The wireless receiver mounts on the DTV or on the wall.

1080p Full HD TV Connection
DVDO Air is compliant with the latest HDMI specification version 1.4b, capable of delivering full HD video in 2D or 3D formats, 7.1 surround sound, and CEC. DVDO Air can also be integrated with DVDO iScan Duo and EDGE Green video processors to provide a complete video solution for the home theater setup.

Benefits of using Air

Since other wireless devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones and Wi-Fi networks use much lower frequency radio signals (under 6 GHz) there’s no interference with the DVDO Air’s 60 GHz technology, helping to ensure that integrators have a reliable and robust wireless solution that is quick and easy to install. The DVDO Air also saves integrators time, as the system can be quickly and efficiently installed to transmit HDMI signals, instead of painstakingly concealing wires in-wall - resulting in a seamless look that still delivers quality on par with high-end HDMI cables.

Here’s What the Critics are Saying

“Set up is extremely simple – just run an HDMI cable into the transmitter and then run another from the receiver to your display.”

- Home Theater

“…it’s hard to imagine anyone not being impressed by DVDO Air. Except, perhaps, expensive AV cable manufacturers.”

- Home Cinema Choice, December 2012

“…a brilliantly simple Wi-Fi video system with the potential to make cables a thing of the past.”

- Trusted Reviews

DVDO Air Demonstrated at CEDIA 2012

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