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Control4 OS 2.3 Software Now Available

Control4 OS 2.3 software includes a new lighting control interface, features that allow homeowners to make their own changes and commercial functions.

Control4 OS 2.3 Software Now Available

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CE Pro Editors · December 13, 2012

Control4 is now delivering the Control4 Operating System v2.3 (OS 2.3) with a new lighting user interface, new features that enable customers to personalize their own experiences, new applications for commercial installations and updated certified drivers.

“OS 2.3 brings a new level of performance, reliability and capability to Control4 systems,” says Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn. “Our new software packs a punch, delivering an exceptional experience for consumers and includes enhancements and purpose-built features and tools for our dealers, including hundreds of updated device drivers supporting both residential and commercial installations.”

OS 2.3 will result in faster, more responsive systems, according to the company, while also empowering consumers with the ability to customize and adjust specific preferences on their own. For instance, users can also add or swap out smartphones and tablets within their Control4 MyHome account. The MyHome app also boasts faster start-up and reconnect time, better Rhapsody Music Service integration, and additional language support for non-English speaking customers.

One of the key attributes of the OS 2.3 release is the new lighting UI that enables control via TVs, Control4 touchscreens, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, new personalization and editing capabilities include the ability to directly edit and manage specific lighting functions from Control4 touchscreens and the MyHome PC app, eliminating the need for a service call.  Additionally, Control4’s new Advanced Lighting Scenes Agent enables more efficient programming of lighting scenes.

The new Control4 Driver Editor enables dealers and developers to create and test new drivers without requiring a fully installed onsite Control4 system for designing and developing drivers for third-party products.

OS 2.3 also includes support for Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), which will automatically identify and load the correct driver for Control4 devices, as well as an expanding roster of third-party devices. Systems will now be able to automatically discover and add devices to projects without requiring the typical driver search and binding. Using SDDP, a device’s IP address also will be automatically discovered and configured. Control4 has created nearly two dozen new drivers and provided updates to over 300 drivers. 

For integrators with commercial clients, OS 2.3 also adds a number of new capabilities:

  • The new Access Agent, which enables a user to limit unauthorized access through password protection and the hiding of selected functions, provides business owners more controlled access to automated capability.
  • The new FieldServer driver provides support for commercial HVAC systems through the FieldServer Technologies’ QuickServer Gateway enabling automation access to Delta Controls, GE, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Rockwell and other thermostats over device networks including BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus, and more via serial, bus or TCP/IP.
  • The enhanced Themes SDK enables user interface customization by dealers to thematically brand screens on Control4 displays (TV, touchscreens).

The software upgrade to OS 2.3 from OS 2.x systems is free; however, there may be some dealer fees associated with an upgrade. Software upgrades from OS 1.x systems involve a Software Upgrade License fee, or the purchase of a new Controller in addition to any installation fees charged by your dealer.

Editor’s Note: Some images in the photo gallery are of poor quality as they were taken from this video on Control4’s website.

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