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Certified Cyber Solutions Launches ‘Home Cyber Shield’

CE Pro Editors · December 16, 2009

Certified Cyber Solutions, Inc. (CCS), a Charleston, S.C.-based provider of residential network security and performance monitoring solutions, has officially launched with the release of its Home Cyber Shield remote managed services system focused on providing a secure network protected from outside hackers.

A recent study by Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab pointed out the vulnerabilities when they found that a staggering 45 percent of consumer products that were tested were vulnerable to security breaches.  What is being done to secure the future of home network systems and the multitude of products that connect to the Internet?  And just who is ultimately responsible for providing home network security?  The installation company or individual manufacturers?

Unlike other managed services products that have recently launched, Home Cyber Shield (HCS) is a home security process that allows secure remote access into home network systems and the individual products found in the home that connect to the Internet. 

At the heart of the Home Cyber Shield system is the company’s proprietary Secure Access Manager (SAM) software platform.  SAM acts a gatekeeper, allowing individual access to the network only to the degree and depth that the system administrator has granted.  Each individual who needs access to the home network to perform routine service and maintenance can now perform their tasks without risks of their gaining access into personal computers and other private areas of the homeowner’s connected lifestyle. 

Third-party service providers and manufacturers can be granted temporary permission to “talk” to their products as well, without gaining knowledge of the other products connected to the network or the homeowner’s confidential information.

Additionally, with real-time home network monitoring to safeguard the system against active cyber attacks, HCS dealers will also be able to deliver customer service in other areas besides network security, such as:

  • Alerts for common IP lock-ups that can be remotely reset
  • System failure alerts that can be forwarded to property managers or other third-party service providers
  • A range of reporting and alerting options to provide rapid response.

The Home Cyber Shield process protects the homeowner against cyber attacks and protects the installation company against potential negligent liability.  The service model lends itself to recurring revenue service models that enhance the bottom line and provide a long-term cash flow benefit to see dealer’s through inevitable economic slumps, according to the company.

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