CEDIA Names Randy Vaughan Scholarship Winners

CEDIA announces two student recipients of the first-ever Randy Vaughan Memorial Scholarship for students pursuing technology and engineering degrees.

Randy Vaughan
CE Pro Editors · August 28, 2012

The CEDIA Education Foundation has announced the recipients of the Randy Vaughan Memorial Scholarship.

Designed to enrich the future of the industry, the scholarship will provide assistance for students to pursue the fundamental education they need to be successful in an electronic systems career.

These students - Michael Favorite and David Hein - exemplify the qualities the CEDIA Education Foundation is looking for to represent the scholarship program.

Michael Favorite is a student at the Madison Media Institute in Madison, Wis., with a focus in electronic and audiovisual systems. Favorite’s interest in the electronics system industry has grown immensely over the past two years, taking an interest and turning it into a passion he is pursuing voraciously with his studies at the Madison Media Institute. Madison Media Institute recently became an ESPA Authorized Training Partner and their EST focus is on residential systems.

“What interests me most about this field can be summarized in two main points. First, I am amazed daily at how far technology has come, and how quickly it has done so. In my relatively short lifespan, I have seen so much progression, and my experiences are minute in comparison to most people. Seeing this profession sparks a second interest in me. My favorite part of technology is seeing how we use it daily, and in what ways it has affected our lives.

“Home automation is where my greatest interest lies. Being able to couple the near limitless modern technology with the limitless creative human mind is a fascinating thing. Not many people enjoy problem solving; they would prefer that things “just work.” When I am faced with an issue, or even would like to enhance something that already exists, I begin to see many different possibilities for solutions. While everyone, including me, wants things to ‘just work,’ I am not disheartened if it doesn’t, and my problem solving mindset kicks in again. Not many things can do this for me like electronics and audiovisual systems can.”

David Hein is a student at Purdue University and is enrolled in the electrical and computer engineering department. For Hein, the consumer electronics field discovered him. As someone who thought they would pursue either the medical or chemical industry, Hein found himself working on weekend projects that involved electronic systems. His passion ignited quickly. Soon he was keeping up on the latest electronic trade shows and blogs and even found himself troubleshooting the systems at the restaurant where he worked. He took action and applied to Purdue’s Electrical and Computer Engineering School to build a path to reach his true aspirations.

“I am eager to ultimately enter the electronics systems industry after graduation. The reason for my intuitive interest is simply the fact that I like the feeling of having a finished product and knowing that there are consumers out there who are benefiting directly from my accomplishments. In addition, I enjoy the challenges from working with different perspectives on systems, from lower level components to the overall goal. Now that I am starting a new chapter in the fall, I finally believe I am on track towards a rewarding and successful future.”

Hein and Favorite will be attending the Volunteer Reception at CEDIA Expo 2012, Friday at the JW Marriott from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (EST).

The Randy Vaughan Memorial Scholarship was established to honor CEDIA 2010 Board of Directors chairman Randy Vaughan, who passed away on December 23, 2010. The scholarship was created to provide high school seniors and college undergraduates an opportunity to receive financial aid to begin or continue their post-secondary education in technology, electronic systems, or engineering.

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