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CEDIA Faves: B&W, PSB, Darbeevision, Autonomic, Bluebolt, more

Integrator Dallas Dingles shares his CEDIA Expo 2012 show report, touts Darbeevision video enhancement device 'at an almost unbelievable price of around $300.'

B&W P3 speakers caught the attention of Dallas Dingle and other CE pros at CEDIA 2012
CE Pro Editors · September 14, 2012

Integrator Dallas Dingle of Supercalibrations in White Bear Lake, Minn., provided this CEDIA Expo 2012 wrap-up from his point of view. Do you have a show report or just a good CEDIA Find to share? We want to know what you took away from the show. Stay tuned, we have plenty more CEDIA Faves to post! Send yours to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

I have lost track on how many CEDIA Expos I have been to, but “most of them” sounds about right.

Even considering decades of attendance, it still gets my blood flowing just to think about touring aisles and aisles of the latest and greatest technology.

This year’s event was no disappointment! Even in a poor economy innovation continues to provide a spark of excitement in our industry.

A new small company got my attention earlier this year while surfing audio/video forums. Darbeevision has developed a video enhancement device at an almost unbelievable price of around $300.

At their small booth, they provided demos with and without Darbeevision technology. A close-up of a dime from a video camera went from dull to very real. Pretty impressive. I suspect this product will get integrated into televisions and processors to augment already good-performing devices.

PSB speaker bar
This also seems to be the year of the speaker bar. Our company sells a ton of this category, so it was great to see a bigger selection. PSB one of our favorite lines, displayed a soon-to-be released model, the W3, based on their highly touted Imagine line. I like easy-to-sell designer-friendly products that sound good!

B&W headphones
Headphones and desktop audio are also on the new and popular list at CEDIA. I would have never have imagined a B&W headphone a few years ago, but there they were getting a lot of attention at their busy booth showing the P3 models.

Perhaps this will pique customers’ interest in improving their home listening experience in general?

Lumagen video processors


Being a died-in-the-wool nerd, I had to stop and chat to Jim Peterson at Lumagen video processors. Jim owns Lumagen and is their chief designer.

If you like to wring the most of any high-quality display, a Radiance processor is a required component. Jim provided my favorite acronym of the show: FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array. As a geek I like the sound of that even though I may not understand exactly what an FPGA does. Knowing Jim I suspect the results will be fabulous.

Remote power management
A few years ago Panamax started a revolution with their Bluebolt remote power and energy management line. This year’s CEDIA had many more exhibitors including similar technology to their surge protection equipment. I am a big fan of fixing problems without leaving the office!

Autonomic Mirage
I was enamored with Autonomic‘s new Mirage Media servers (MMS-5AV, coming with Ultraviolet support), in particular their ability to easily integrate with control systems. I like to put everything under one umbrella. Requiring a client to switch applications on their iPad/Android is asking for problems IMHO. Under $2,000 with a 500-gig drive is appealing as well.

Another inspiring show! Looking forward to heading to Denver for next year’s event!

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