CE Pro of the Week: Remko Rolberg, Komforto

The first European profiled in this space always includes a service contract and dismisses 3D.

CE Pro of the Week: Remko Rolberg, Komforto
Remko Rolberg, owner of Brussels-based Komforto
Tom LeBlanc · October 1, 2010

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How would you use Twitter to describe what your company does (140 character limit)?

Komforto is a digital media integrator, offering residential and commercial streaming audio & video. We bring affordable solutions to the mid-market.

After you complete a project, what do you think your typical client tells his friend about the experience?

“We’re all happy with the new system: I really enjoy watching TV and videos much more now; my wife likes it because it’s easy to use and hardly visible and the kids like the cool new features!”

Komforto bvba
  • Principal: Remko Rolberg, owner
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Web site: (English),,
  • Years in Business: 2
  • Number of employees: None; I work with a small team of independent professionals
  • Residential/Commercial Split: 70%/30%
  • Number of 2009 Installations: 18
  • Top 3 Brands: Yamaha, Cisco, Logitech

What can CE pros learn from your company to make them think differently and run their business better?

1. A good understanding of today’s technologies and standards makes you less dependent on the support of your suppliers.

2.  Focus on the technology, not the brand.

3.  Streaming audio and video solutions will become more important; make them profitable for your business.

4.  Make sure you understand the lifestyle of your customer before making an offer.

What trade tip can you offer your fellow CE pros?

Always include a service contract when closing a deal.

What’s the wildest request you’ve ever had for an installation?

Actually not that wild: A completely invisible home theatre.

What is your 3D strategy and do you think the technology will live up to the hype? 

We don’t do hype, so no 3D.

What is your absolute favorite piece of audio demo material?

Afro-Cuban All Stars, it’s acoustic and honest.

Raphael Saadiq, feel-good music with a heavy bass, ideal for testing sound quality at low playing volumes. Most people like this music, so they don’t mind the testing procedure.

What is your absolute favorite piece of video demo material?

Ice Age, because it’s funny and the sound effects are stunning.

MTV HD’s live recording of Katy Perry. Just to show what HDTV can deliver.

Or the Eagles live from the Farewell Tour with Hotel California. Because of the Hans Dulfer solo (he is Dutch, so am I).

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Although I’m already 48, I’m quite new to this business. I worked in corporate life before with Chevron/Texaco and Torex and was a project manager for roll-outs of cash-registers, payment terminals and back-office systems. Over there I learned the importance of standardization, usability and testing procedures.

Based on Rolberg’s demo recommendations we were torn between showing a photo of Katy Perry and Hans Dulfer. Tough decision.

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