CE Pro 100 Integrators Share Video Surveillance Success Secrets

Special free interactive eZine with videos and slideshows includes testimonials and case studies, including an ultra-secure converted missile silo and a hog farm.

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CE Pro Editors · March 11, 2014

Slowly but surely, video surveillance is becoming a staple category for integrators. According to 2013 CE Pro Readership Study, 71 percent of custom integration companies are installing security cameras. That is compared to the less than 50-percent figure that is doing traditional burglar/fire alarm installations.

Why? There are several reasons. One of the biggest is that only a few states have a specific alarm licensing requirement to do CCTV. That means low-voltage integrators who have built their businesses around A/V installations have free rein to install surveillance cameras.

But the other big trend is that cameras can so easily be tied into smart phones, tablets or dedicated control panels these days, making for a seamless package. That’s the reason given by several members of the CE Pro 100 who shared their secrets of success in the surveillance business in this free eZine.

Also, CE Pro 100 integrators reveal selecting the right vendor is vital. In last year’s CE Pro 100 Brand Influence Study, 50 percent chose IC Realtime as their primary vendor, with several commenting IC Realtime’s broad range of product gives them the flexibility to find the right product for the right application.

One integrator, Shawn Hansson of Logic Integration in Colorado, reveals in the eZine how he deployed a range of cameras and DVRs in a mind-blowing installation at a converted nuclear missile silo. The silo now houses luxury residences that have drawn attention from crazed thrillseekers whose mission is to try to penetrate the complex. Some of the perpetrators even tried to break in while Logic Integration was still on site doing the installation.

Editor’s Note: The free eZine, sponsored by IC Realtime, includes interactive videos and slideshows. Readers are able to turn the pages like a real printed publication and click on images to automatically open up videos and slideshows. The document also includes several other case studies.

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Click here to view this digital eZine, sponsored by IC Realtime." />

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