Sony 3D News: Glasses, IR Interference, More

During CEProLive!, Sony's Arturo Jordan chatted about three variety of 3D glasses, plans for 3D projectors, 3D installation issues and more.

Sony 3D News: Glasses, IR Interference, More
Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2010

During the first live chat session at CEProLive!, the industry’s first virtual trade show, Sony product manager Arturo Jordan provided a few breaking news items and excellent installation tips.

Among the highlights:

3D Technology and Glasses

Will Sony be packaging is 3D TVs with glasses. I have spoken with numerous consumers whose first reaction to buying a 3D TV has been a bit of frustration that they will “only get one set of glasses” with the purchase, or none at all.
Sony will have 3 lines of 3D-capable TVs. The LX900 series is the integrated model, this will include two pairs of glasses in the box. The HX909 and HX800 series are 3D “ready”, meaning you will need to add the Sync Transmitter and the glasses as accessories.

Any interference issue with STB and other IR devices?
“There is no technical limitation to the number of glasses used on a particular set, as long as they can receive the IR signal from the set, they will work properly, this means they can’t be blocked by other people or furniture in the room.”

“There is a possibility of interference with other devices, but so far we have not seen any problems with our products. I can tell you that our Sync Transmitter used in the 3D sets sends a very wide ranging and robust signal, in fact I’ve seen it interfere with “other” 3D sets, while side by side.”

We do a lot of systems where the edges of the TVs are covered by custom wood work. Is the IR transmitter in the outside frame of the TV or behind the screen? Is there a way to remote mount it?
“Great question. In such cases I would recommend using the HX909 models. They use the external IR transmitter which can be positioned in the best possible location.”

Any plan for passive 3DTV launch for commercial market (such as pub, or sports bar)?
“I don’t want to rule out any future products, but at the moment Sony is concentrating on the active glasses method for 3D. Trust me when I say that our engineers are hard at work to develop the next generation of 3D products. When we think that a new/improved method is ready for prime time, we will consider launching new product.”

Channel roll-out

Can you comment on channel roll-out, demo kits, training, etc.?
“I would suggest the dealers contact their Sony reps for that information. In term of training, our training teams has already spent the last couple of months out on the road doing training on 3D products. Again, I would suggest contacting a Sony rep to get the training schedule or to request a training session.”

What do you feel dealers need to be trained on re: 3d?
“Dealers should understand what is necessary to make everything work: the whole signal chain needs to support the higher bandwidth signal. And they need to know how the system performs in different lighting conditions and different room layouts, so they can pick the best product for their customers.”

And More

Why was Sony the last big CE vendor to discuss 3D plans?
“Sony wanted to roll out their 3D products in a concerted effort company wide. It doesn’t make much sense to rush out a 3D TV when there is nothing else to connect to it and very little content. ... Not only did we launch a full portfolio of 3D CE products, but we are working with our sister companies, like Sony Pictures and the Playstation group, to provide the content you can enjoy on this new technology platform.”

Will there be any projectors that are 3D?
“We don’t have any announcements about 3D projectors at the moment, but you can rest assured that will change shortly.”

What do you think is the most compelling content for 3D?
“This will depend on the viewer. Everybody is familiar with 3D movies, but let me tell you, if you are into gaming, once you experience a Playstation game in 3D you will not want to play the 2D version anymore.”

“The other compelling content for me will be sports. From what we’ve seen during our work with the Masters golf tournament and the FIFA World Cup, this will be one of the killer apps for 3D at home.”

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