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10 Best Projectors for Video Games

Gamers should look for short-throw projectors with low input lag, ample light and color, color, color. Here are 10 of the best projectors for video games on the big screen.

10 Best Projectors for Video Games
Certain projectors, like Sony's VPL-HW45ES (pictured), have the right features for perfect video game picture on the big screen.

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CE Pro Editors · June 8, 2017

Today's video games are immersive experiences with production levels that blur the line between game and Hollywood blockbuster. If gamers want to play on a projection screen instead of a TV display, they'll need certain a projector with specific features and capabilities.

Projector manufacturer BenQ shared the following article with CE Pro sister publication Electronic House to encourage consumers to look for the following things when selecting a projector for video games on the big screen.

Low Input Lag

A projector with a low input lag is going to ensure the responsiveness needed to take action quickly, and without motion blur and delay.

Short-Throw Projectors

Short-throw technology and 1.2 big zoom will allow the projector to be positioned in small spaces with hassle-free installation.

Projectors that require as little as 5 feet to project 100-inch pictures will maximize thrills even in the most constrained spaces while bringing big-screen theater entertainment into whichever room you like, or even on the go.

It also will allow easy placement, be it a coffee table or portable stand.

Ample Light

Look for projector models that are designed with modes to accommodate any lighting environment.

One with game modes will be your best bet because that means the projector has been optimized to bring out the hidden details in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights if you’re in a dark room, or give you an uncompromised experience without loss of image details in a well-lit environment.

Color, Color, Color

If you want a picture that’s going to pop, opt for a projector that’s engineered with a fast, six-segment RGBRGB color wheel, which ends up delivering outstanding color brightness measuring up to 100 percent of white in its game mode and well-calibrated for gaming use.

10 Highest-Ranked Projectors

Projectorpeople.com ranked 10 projectors as the very best for video games on big screens. 

See the 10 best projectors for video games here.

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