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Creating ‘Digital Canvases’ Using Projection Technology

When integrators use projectors as the basis for gaming and digital art, in addition to home theaters, it attracts architects and designers to the technology, according to Barco.

Creating ‘Digital Canvases’ Using Projection Technology
Projection technology is not just for dedicated theaters anymore. An exciting opportunity exists for integrators to create "digital canvases" for clients that meld with the architecture of the home.
Credit: Eagle Sentry, Las Vegas

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CE Pro Editors · July 10, 2019

Today's projection technologies are so dynamic that integrators have an opportunity to create much more than just a home theater. These technologies can be the basis for gaming and digital art.

It is something Barco likes to refer to as a "digital canvas."

"While projection is traditionally thought of mostly in a home theater context, it offers opportunities to go far beyond that, creating digital canvases in high-end homes for a wide range of experiences, including exciting opportunities like new media art," says Tim Sinnaeve, managing director, Barco.

"The 'digital canvas' then is about designing the experience, but also about integrating it into the design and architecture of the home."

He adds, "To architects and designers, audio-visual products and technologies too often are seen as 'necessary evils' that are hard to integrate without making unacceptable design and aesthetic compromises. A different level of technological innovation and education is required to truly enable architectural and design integration."

Sinnaeve says Ultra-Short Throw (UST) and extreme offset projection become critical to creating digital canvases.

"While projection is traditionally thought of mostly in a home theater context, it offers opportunities to go far beyond that."
— Tim Sinnaeve, Barco

He points to the company's innovations like its powerful warp engine, which is unique in the residential space, and Barco's ability to make use of advanced image geometry correction, enabling the projector to deliver an image with perfect geometry even outside the offset range of adjustment.

"From a design and architectural perspective, these technologies give unprecedented freedom in projector positioning, making it possible to truly hide everything but the experience, even in the most challenging of design environments. Suffice it to say that rumors of the death of projection have been greatly exaggerated," says Sinnaeve. 

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