Average Price of Blu-ray Players Drops, Shows Product Index

Blu-ray index decreased just 12 percent over all of Q3 2008. Price decrease may be bad sign for format.

Average Price of Blu-ray Players Drops, Shows Product Index
Steve Crowe · September 16, 2008

The average price of Blu-ray players has dropped 8 percent in the first two weeks of September, according to the latest Manufactured Product Indices from PriceSCAN.

The price index for Blu-ray players fell just 12 percent over all of Q3 2008, according to the company. The PriceSCAN Blu-ray player index is a price-weighted index comprised of the average retail price of Blu-ray players.

The numbers in the graph below represent the price index for September 8-12, 2008.

It was reported in July that Blu-ray player price cuts could be on the horizon.

Sony, according to a report, will drop the price of its BDP-S350 Blu-ray player by $100 to $299.

Will the alleged price cuts quicken the adoption rate or further emphasize a lack of interest in the format?

“This precipitous decline in Blu-ray pricing, coming in the wake of a recent victory over Toshiba’s HD-DVD standard, may indicate not only effective online competition i.e. Netflix’s Roku, but also generally soft consumer demand for high end electronics,” says Jeff Trester, PriceSCAN co-CEO and chief economist.

“Given the current economic climate, this may not bode well for holiday sales.”

Blu-ray, according to the Entertainment Merchants Association, will outsell DVD in 2012.

Do the price cuts bode well for Blu-ray players? Let us know in the comments below.

PriceSCAN’s Blu-ray Index for September 8-12, 2008

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