Audiogon Hopes Dealers Will Sell Used A/V on DIY Site

Audiogon, the online marketplace for "high-end" audio and video gear, launches dealer program for selling used gear, advertising in dealer directory.

Audio/video clearinghouse Audiogon hopes integrators will use the site to sell used products, especially customer trade-ins.

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CE Pro Editors · June 19, 2013

Audiogon, the online A/V reseller that professional integrators both love and hate, is encouraging dealers to use the site for selling used goods and for advertising to enthusiasts.

Audiogon is a better marketplace than eBay and Craigslist because it is a “respected niche marketplace that attracts audio enthusiasts specifically,” says founder Steve Clay. “Our members are passionate and knowledgeable about audio. They provide an interactive forum to the benefit of our entire community; members and dealers alike.”

The etailer’s newish Featured Dealer Program provides advertising opportunities and dealer directory listings for dealer participants, including targeted mailings to Audiogon’s 350,000 active members.

The company says that a “vast majority” of its members are “highly motivated males” between the ages of 25 to 65.

Of those users, Audiogon estimates that about 10 percent are dealers who say that “taking a trade-in is often a necessity to make a new equipment sales,” says Alex Clay, director of business development. “Being part of the Audiogon community gives dealers the confidence to take back good used gear from their customers knowing that they have access to a captive audience for these products on Audiogon.”

Audiogon’s real-time “BlueBook” provides the dealer with a pricing tool so they can offer fair value for their trade-in items.

Audiogon offers other services such as event promotion that could include geo-targeted email campaigns and video coverage hosted by the site.

“Many dealers have already discovered that Audiogon is a useful resource for selling used audio gear that has been traded in by their customers,” says Steve Clay. “Audiogon presents an opportunity for local retailers to expand their walls and reach targeted virtual customers seeking specialty products.”

Clay also owns Videogon, the video counterpart of Audiogon.

“Currently,” he says, “we are looking at moving Videogon’s listing into our home theater category.”

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