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Atlantic Technology Adds 3 NetStreams-Enabled Speakers

In-wall loudspeakers designed to work with Netstreams' whole-house audio systems.

Atlantic Technology Adds 3 NetStreams-Enabled Speakers
Robert Archer · March 20, 2009

Atlantic Technology has launched three StreamNet-enabled in-wall loudspeakers that use NetStreams whole-house internet-protocol (IP) technology.

The IWTS-4 LCR-IP, IWTS-7 LCR-IP, and IWTS-14 LCR-IP incorporate separate, individually equalized power amplifiers for the tweeter and the woofer. This type of configuration, known as active bi-amplification, allows for:

  • Digital processing to create specific signals for each driver
  • The ability to bypass conventional electrical crossover networks, which are inefficient and difficult to equalize

“IP technology is a game changer for loudspeaker designers,” says Atlantic Technology president Peter Tribeman.

“It’s like going from chemical photography to digital photography. By giving speaker designers the ability to deliver the optimal audio signal directly to each individual transducer, it opens up a world of new possibilities.

“The signal stream remains digital all the way from the recording studio through the NetStreams system, until it reaches our speakers. The end user enjoys every last bit of potential performance from our speakers.”


Each loudspeaker includes a conventional crossover network for traditional installations. A rear-panel switch selects between the conventional speaker wire input connectors and the NetStreams Phoenix-style connector.

Atlantic Technology in-wall speakers include adjustments designed to optimize speaker output in a variety of home environments. These adjustments include boundary compensation switches to tailor their frequency response and Atlantic’s exclusive Directional Vector Control (DVC), which electronically directs the sound up or down from the speaker without having to employ mechanical “pivoting tweeters.”

Atlantic Technology says another benefit of the NetStreams mode is that the incoming electrical signal avoids all the resistors, capacitors and inductors within a traditional passive crossover, which eliminates insertion loss.

The NetStreams mode produces increased volume levels as high as 5dB louder, equating to NetStreams’ 50-watt amplifiers matching the levels of conventional 160-watt amplifiers.

Atlantic Technology is now shipping the IWTS-4 LCR-IP, IWTS-7 LCR-IP, and IWTS-14 LCR-IP.

IWTS-4 LCR-IP — $250
IWTS-7 LCR-IP — $385
IWTS-14 LCR-IP — $515

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