Apple TV in High Demand, Threatens Leading Brands

A new study from KAE says 25 percent of US respondents are ready to buy an Apple-branded TV.

Apple TV in High Demand, Threatens Leading Brands
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Rachel Cericola · April 17, 2012

The web has been buzzing with rumors that Apple will soon release a TV. We’re not talking about the Apple TV streaming box, but an actual TV.

Well, a new study says if and when Apple decides to come out with a TV, we can expect the typical Apple fanfare.

KAE, asking consumers how interested they’d be in an Apple-branded TV, reports 25 percent of U.S. respondents are ready to buy now. That number increased by 5 percent in the UK. For those who already own at least one Apple device, that number jumps to 38 percent (42 percent in the UK).

“Such a move would be an incredibly powerful extension of the iOS platform, accessed via a more compelling device option than Apple’s current offering (Apple TV),” says Lee Powney, KAE’s chief commercial officer. “It would create new monetisation opportunities for developers and accessory manufacturers by bringing the Apple experience further into the home.

“This would strengthen both the ecosystem and the benefits that consumers derive from owning many differing Apple devices. Will Apple do this? The pressure to maintain the lion’s share of preference from ecosystem members and create additional device-to-device interaction benefits for consumers means it should do this, and must do this.”

While some accessory manufacturers and other companies are probably looking forward to the day of such a release, there are a lot of TV makers that probably won’t be sending out the welcome wagon. KAE says market leaders such as Sony, Samsung and LG would most likely suffer if Apple comes to market with a competing TV.

KAE’s survey says 38 percent of Sony TV owners in the UK would buy an Apple TV, with 36 percent of Samsung TV owners also wanting one. In the U.S., the brand that appears to be most at risk is LG, with 31 percent of those owners looking to convert.

Some of the top features that consumers would like to see in an Apple-branded TV set include:

  • Web features (73 percent in the U.S.)
  • Apps (44 percent)
  • Synchronization with other Apple devices (41 percent)

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