Acoustics, Speaker Symposium to be Held Before CES

The Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics (ALMA) will hold a Winter Symposium prior to CES 2013 in Las Vegas focusing on industry challenges.

Acoustics, Speaker Symposium to be Held Before CES
The Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics (ALMA) will hold a Winter Symposium prior to CES 2013 to discuss industry challenges.
CE Pro Editors · November 13, 2012

The Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics International (ALMA) will hold its Winter Symposium program - “Product Development in the Global Paradigm: Acoustic Modeling, Measurement and Manufacturing in the Modern Marketplace” - prior to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 6-7, 2013.

The symposium will feature two half-day training seminars taught by two widely respected loudspeaker experts focusing on the challenges the loudspeaker industry faces with multiple locations around the globe. The annual Winter Symposium will be held at The Tuscany Suites & Casino. The program will expand to include technologies such as micro-drivers, microphones, hearing aids, and other transducer-related technology.

One of the two seminars, “Moving Coil Transducer Motor Design,” will be facilitated by Richard Little, founder of Far North Electroacoustics. The seminar will cover the design of magnetic motors of moving coil transducers which can involve many different issues and choices on the part of the design engineer.

The seminar will review a number of the topics involved in motor design including:

  • Motor design objectives
  • Magnet material types and grades
  • Typical magnetic motor design topologies
  • The permanent magnet magnetization process
  • Thermal demagnetization
  • Voice coil design
  • Design options
  • Voice coil inductance
  • The analysis of motor design through physical equations and through finite-element analysis
  • Methods for measuring magnetic motor performance
  • Non-linear motor behavior

Little has worked in the loudspeaker engineering field since 1995, at Boston Acoustics for two years, and in Bose Corporation’s Automotive Systems Division for eight years, prior to joining Tymphany in 2005. He moved to Tymphany’s China facilities in 2006, where he managed an engineering group for many years.

Miniature Speakers and Microphones: Design and Application will be facilitated by inventor and audio systems engineer Osman Isvan and will explore:

  • Omnidirectional and noise-canceling microphones
  • Special operating conditions and constraints of handheld devices make micro speaker design a unique discipline
  • Audio DSP shuffles acoustic design priorities
  • High component density leads to unwanted interactions
  • Super-miniaturization of microphones makes SNR targets more challenging to meet

Isvan has been an acoustics and audio professional for 30 years. He designed consumer products with micro speakers and microphones for 15 years, working at Bose, Gibson Guitar and Hewlett Packard.

The Winter Symposium will feature training courses covering various aspects of modeling, measurement, and manufacturing. There will be technical paper presentations, tutorial sessions, roundtable and panel discussions, an exhibit hall showcasing suppliers to the industry, and an annual banquet.

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