6 Amazing High-End Home Theaters

The home theater is still the place to revel in the custom installer’s design prowess and A/V expertise. Here are the award-winning home theaters from the Home of the Year Awards.

6 Amazing High-End Home Theaters
CE Pro Editors · May 4, 2012

The winners of the high-end home theaters (projects from $75,000+) in this year’s Electronic House Home of the Year Awards could serve as a primer for creating theaters that balance both flair and fundamentals.

They illustrate when it makes sense to hide speakers behind acoustically transparent screens - and in some cases per the homeowner’s wishes, when it doesn’t.

They show crafty ways of concealing projectors too - unless it’s also a striking showpiece, like the kind SIM2 makes.

They demonstrate the art of using audio calibration software - but also the need for adding acoustical treatment on top of it.

And mostly, they show why there is still a demand for customization and dedicated home theater rooms, whether it’s incredible design work, bulletproof sound isolation, sensor-triggered room functions and more.

Click here for 6 Amazing High-End Home Theaters.

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