4 Social Media Marketing Tips

Companies need to leverage social media to keep their business relevant and in-touch with clients.

Stephanie Scola · April 27, 2011

Facebook and Twitter have literally made me hate watching TV and reading magazines. Everywhere I look someone is begging me to “Friend us on Facebook!” and to “Follow us on Twitter!”

This is all well and good, but my intense marketing brain gets the better of me when I actually take action on these requests, only to find that these companies have no idea what they’re doing with any of these free social media sites.

C’mon, Entertain Me!
So I give in, and go on to my Facebook account, search for Company X, befriend them, and then what? Where’s the bargain? Where’s the news? Why did I just waste two minutes of my life doing this!? Thank you very much for giving me aggravation.

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We are living in the age of fast technology, and I mean fast. Every day there are new sites, features, gadgets, free online services and the list goes on and on… The only way to keep track is if I never go to bed and just glue my eyeballs to a computer screen. Without suggesting this option I must admit this: Out of everything going on right at this very moment, Facebook and Twitter are very important and very powerful free tools to help market you and your business.

You should get on the Facebook and Twitter trains, but please don’t sign up to these until you’re ready to dive in head first. Don’t be a quitter. You’re wasting our time (says Mr. & Mrs. Interested Consumer).

So You’ve Created a Facebook/Twitter Page, Now What?
First of all, make it look good. This is your, well, face on Facebook (and Twitter of course). And you don’t need a PhD in HTML to do this stuff. Here are some links of really good Facebook and Twitter profiles. There’s a mix of industry vs. not-industry related, but check out the functionality that these pages allow you to provide to your friends / followers:

New York & Co. Facebook Page - You should friend them and see what happens!
KOHL’S Stores Facebook Page
Vann’s Twitter Page
Elite Media Solutions Facebook Page

Myth: “Facebook and Twitter are only good for retail locations.” False! If anything they may be even better for custom installers! Check that last link for a fantastic example of a custom installer in New England who does amazing Facebook marketing.

You need at least 30 “likes” on your FB page for their system to consider it a legit page, so start sending requests. Unless you’re an alien, you’ve got family and friends on planet Earth and I can guess most of them are on Facebook. Start there, and the activity then begins.

Next, start befriending CE trade magazines and their writers. You follow them and they’ll follow you. Custom installers, this is a great way for you to get some magazine coverage.

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