36 Home Automation Co’s: What You Might Not Know

We asked home automation vendors to give us five things people might not know about them.

Julie Jacobson · April 12, 2010

We asked home automation vendors to tell us five things—in five words or less—that people might not know about them. Here’s what they had to say.

2gig Technologies
1. Advanced wireless home security
2. Cellular connectivity—no phone lines
3. Compatible with all Z-wave devices
4. Thermostats, lighting and appliance modules
5. All-in-one: simple, intuitive

1. Obama uses in White House
2. Control from iPod or iPad
3. Configure without any custom code
4. Distributed audio starts at $5,000
5. Our thermostat shows weather forecast

Calrad Electronics
1. Easy to skin, program interface
2. 10 built-in multizone audio streams
3. ITunes support, management including cover art
4. Updatable platform software and hardware
5. Works with IR/RF remotes, touchscreens

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd
1. Very broad device support available
2. Networked, multi-user, flexible, robust, scalable
3. Gorgeous graphics complement your style
4. Enormous value for your money
5. Highly responsive and expert support

Cinemar, Inc.
1. Price-point is deceiving
2. Customizable user interface
3. Controls two Air Force show vehicles
4. Offer turnkey sports bar package
5. Offer white glove remote assistance

Colorado vNet
1. Easy software: import your floorplans
2. Remotely monitor customers’ installations
3. Can mix wired and wireless lighting
4. Commercial solutions also available
5. IP-based audio distribution

1. International distribution to 20+ countries
2.Over 1,500 dealers
3.Won over 20 awards since 2005
4.Compatible with 10,000 third-party products
5. User-friendly 4Store apps

Cortexa Automation
1. Robust for dealers and DIYers
2. Free remote access
3. Unique, attractive user interface
4. No licensing, integration, subscription fees
5. Vast range of compatible subsystems

Crestron Electronics, Inc.
1. Touchpanels feature embedded PC applications
2. DigitalMedia designed over five years
3. ADMS: complete content delivery system.
4. Only end-to-end whole-house control solution
5. All products manufactured in U.S.A.

Elan Home Systems
1. Complete whole-house entertainment, management
2. g! first uniform cross-platform interface
3. Industry’s first Smartphone control software
4. Only free, live iPhone demo
5. First hybrid touchpad: Olé

Elk Products, Inc.
1. IP Accessible - LAN/Internet
2. Smart phone integration, no fees
3. Wireless capability: 144 Inputs
4. Integrates with 48 partner products
5. More economical than comparable systems

Embedded Automation
1. Most device drivers are free
2. Integrates with Windows Home Server
3. Supports Windows 7 and x64 platforms
4. Supports Insteon, Z-Wave, ZigBee, KNX
5. New mStation home control appliance

Exceptional Innovation (LifeWare)
1. Software-only option
2. Lifeware hardware not required
3. Wide range of price points
4. Complete automation sans Media Center
5. Commercial solutions also available

Home Automated Living
1. Home automation since 1995
2. Support for energy management (HALemc)
3. Voice recognition requires no training
4. Support microphones, intercoms and telephones
5. Multiple means of user-control

Home Automation Inc. (HAI)
1. Retrofittable
2. Scalable
3. Affordable
4. International applications and languages
5. Great option for light commercial

1. First Internet-based system (1998)
2. Longest Z-Wave support (starting 2003)
3. Remote touchscreen development and deployment
4. Native iPhone, iPod, iPad support
5. OEM versions available

Jasco Products Co.
1. Do-it-yourself system
2. Affordable name brand products
3. All Z-Wave products work together

JDS Technologies
1. Any picture can become GUI.
2. Same platform for control, editing.
3. Individual password protection
4. Different UI for all

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