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20 Best Home Technology Breakthroughs of Past 20 Years

A look at the 20 technologies that have shaped the CE industry in the last two decades.

20 Best Home Technology Breakthroughs of Past 20 Years
Without early DLP products such as this, we would hardly recognize today’s home technology landscape.

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CE Pro Editors · April 10, 2013

The industry has been busy in the 20 years since the dawn of CE Pro.

The 20 home technology breakthroughs have been commercialized or popularized since 1993 and are innovations that really drove our industry forward.

Click through the photo gallery to see our Top 10 list.

Here are the technology breakthroughs that fell just short of cracking our Top 10 but still have had a major impact on the industry.

Lutron Radio Ra: wireless lighting
Runco Arc IV Aspect Ratio Controller: widescreen projection, management
Home Automation Inc. (HAI) 1503: integrated automation, security
Unity Systems Home Manager: touchscreen-based automation, energy
Alarm.com: cloud-based home security
Escient Fireball: music and movie management
Sonance, SpeakerCraft: in-wall speakers (marketed by Sonance, made by SpeakerCraft)
Netflix: DVD delivery, streaming
TiVo: DVR/time-shifted content
X10: powerline carrier technology

What changes would you make to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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