10 Best (Worst) Tablet Names Ever

By the time CES is over, there will be 100 tablets on the market, some with funky names. How about we invent a cool name?

Jason Knott · January 4, 2011

According to MarketWatch, this week after CES 2011 there will be “at least 100 tablets” on the market, all following the lead of Apple’s iPad.

Remember when iPad debuted and everyone was laughing about the name and how it sounded like a tampon?

Since then we have had many other funky names for touchscreens, starting with Google (Android) and Samsung (Galaxy). But now manufacturers are taking the names to the stratosphere. At CES, we are hearing tablets from Vizio (VIA), RIM (PlayBook), Dell (The Streak), Motorola (Xoom), AOC (Breeze), Malata (Z-Pad). Then we have some with rather boring names, like the one from eLocity (A10).

Companies pay a lot of money to have marketing firms come up with those names. Here are 10 ideas for new tablet names (forgive me if some of these have been taken):

  • The Tablet (simple and to the point)
  • TouchMe/TickleMe (perfect tablet for Sesame Street Elmo apps)
  • The Chewbacca (vs. the Droid … get it?)
  • The Swipe (I really like this one)
  • Give Me The Finger (provocative, but true)
  • The Pinch (again, calls out the functionality)
  • LaunchPad
  • The Tylenol (hey, it’s the original “tablet.”)
  • Uranus (very galactic, and Uranus is always getting a bad rap compared to the other planets. I can already see the marketing: “Just touch Uranus to activate.”
  • Control/Kaos (good for home automation apps, but only Get Smart fans will get this one)

What name do you want to call your new tablet?

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