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Does Green Exist in a Vacuum?
Grant Olewiler
M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.

How long will consumers accept the barrage of media addressing the Green initiatives? Will it be a passing marketing fad or is this a sustainable trend that you need to pay attention to?

There appear to be three separate thrusts of the “Green” marketing with a considerable amount of overlap between them. The first aspect would be the actual reduction of energy consumption by using a central vacuum over a conventional portable. Is less energy expended over time? Secondly, what are the true health aspects that are increased by cleaning with a central vacuum? Does this truly add to a healthy home? And third, do the manufacturers actually produce the products adopting an Environmental Management System (EMS) in their factory and are the dealers continuing this effort?

Most central vacuum retailers recognize the basic green arguments of the trade but can they truly formulate a logical argument as to the true green aspects of a central vacuum? Hopefully this article will delineate many new aspects not previously considered.

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