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2Gig Gets Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB in GC3 Security and Home Automation Panel

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USB port on 2Gig’s new GC3 security/home automation panel. A USB camera, for example, could sit perched on top of the panel, snapping pics of anyone who arms or disarms the system. Photos could be loaded into a stick to turn the touchscreen into a digital picture frame.

And here’s a thought … connect a ZigBee or Lutron Clear Connect radio to the panel to integrate with a vast array of additional products beyond Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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2Gig Gets Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB in GC3 Security and Home Automation Panel

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Posted by Mike Frisco  on  04/17  at  12:27 PM

And still no direct-to-consumer sales channel.

Posted by Terry  on  04/17  at  01:56 PM

When is this product going to be made available for consumers and dealers?

Posted by rive  on  04/17  at  03:28 PM

There has been a DIY market for 2GIG for a couple years now, and users can easily switch out the cellular modules already.

The 2GIG GC3 is projected to be available by year end.

For more info see

Posted by James Simon  on  04/17  at  04:04 PM

I heard yesterday they are planning Q1 2015 for release.

Posted by kevinkeenan  on  04/17  at  04:12 PM

Integration with other control systems would be nice…

Posted by Ted  on  04/17  at  04:42 PM

What happened to the integrated DVR for recording video?

How about an upgrade path for current GC2 panels?

Any info regarding branching off the back end?

How about development of more outdoor devices? (video/motion/sensors)

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  04/18  at  09:06 AM

Kevin, one would think the WiFi (or USB) would lend itself to 3rd-party integration but I don’t know the roadmap there.

Ted, the panel with a camera and DVR option is now in Vivint’s hands.

You should be able to do it with GC3 using USB camera and WiFi to DVR ... if you want camera at panel location.

Telular’s Telguard is supported as option to Check out new flat rate, which is quite attractive to dealers.

Posted by Jose Burke  on  04/29  at  05:28 AM

There is definitely a market for the GC3, but all the options and configurations make it hard for the consumer to make an easy decision (too many choices = no choice by the consumer.)  Just my opinion.

Posted by Deepak Kanda  on  05/11  at  12:07 AM

GC3 is the next generation. I love 2gig and just cant wait to get the GC3!!!!!

Posted by Jeremy  on  08/22  at  09:16 PM

Wish they would add a multi partition to the panel and also a hard wired fire zone would be nice.

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