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Basalte’s New Asano Audio Module Features Native Powerlink for B&O

WyreStorm Launches HDMI over IP

Display Development Broadens Market for Resi Projectors with In-Wall Models

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iRoom Launches iBezel, New Generation iPad Docking Station
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Toshiba to Exit North American Flat-Panel TV Market
Toshiba Corp. will stop making and selling TVs in North America next year, but it will license its brand name to other manufacturers.
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#TBT: Best Home Theaters for Watching the Super Bowl
With Super Bowl XLIX taking place this weekend, in this edition of Throwback Thursday we go back to 2012 for a roundup of our all-time favorite home theaters for watching football.
Lowe’s Innovation Labs Shows Future of Retail: Robots and Holograms
Harman Rocks Hard with New Revel, JBL, Levinson Offerings
Hands On: Kaleidescape Alto High Def Movie Server
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SmartThings Wife: ‘I’m sick of living in an automated house.’
By Julie Jacobson. In a hilarious SmartThings home automation thread, husband shares text messages from furious wife; readers share some equally hilarious advice.
Indiegogo Slips up on Soap Home Automation, But ...
By Julie Jacobson. Indiegogo allows Soap Inc. to launch a third campaign, even though founder Alex Jones declared bankruptcy after original Kickstarter campaign.
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Terry Morton (Posted on 01/31/15, 12:52 PM)
In the now infamous words of Will West, as he addressed the first training class for PHAST: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”
Dan Christians (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:55 PM)
Julie You provided ‘Heads Up’ on a new startup earlier today. ‘The Hive’ has a unique concept, it’s affordable, looks easy to implement, and has a unique marketing concept . . .…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:44 PM)
Pretty sure we were using “and"s in my high-school computer programming class c. 1982.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:41 PM)
It would’ve been much more hilarious if it was the wife writing about her husband. That would certainly be my own story to tell. (CR ... yeah, I know that going-out-of-town thing)
Info (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:37 PM)
Headline writer: sexist much?
CR (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:30 PM)
I loved comment 4 “Replace wife a less sensitive model” that was hilarious!!!!!! My wife has been dealing with me changing up system for many years and doesn’t even want to see or listen to any of the new implementations.…
Jeff D (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:29 PM)
Another one bites the dust. Pretty soon there will be one manufacturer and they will give the TVs away for free.
Ernie Gilman (Posted on 01/30/15, 04:12 PM)
Google has defined the AND gate. These were old when I first actually did something with one in the early 80s. (That’s the 1980s, just in case Google might think I mean 2080s.)
don bendell (Posted on 01/30/15, 02:15 PM)
has nothing to do with the wife! But everything to do with the who and why. And that is why all these so called automation companies that filled the halls at the Sands will fail.  There is no “logic” in the…
Josh Willits (Posted on 01/30/15, 01:37 PM)
Nice pants, Jon! Not quite SupplyStream orange, but close. And congrats…
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