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Spotlight on HDBaseT
Spotlight on HDBaseT
Plenty New at CEDIA 2015: Sonos Surprises, Home Automation, Core Brands, More
CEDIA Expo 2015 promises a host of new products from the home automation ranks, as well as 20-odd business software tools, and pleasant surprises in Sonos gear,…
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Oculus Cinema Delivers Virtual Movie-Watching Experience with Friends
Oculus Cinema virtual reality solutions looks to replicate the social experience of being in a commercial cinema or home theater with friends. Currently available for Gear VR, Oculus…
Core Brands Launches Single E-Commerce Portal for A/V, Security, Home Automation, Central Vac
Plenty New at CEDIA 2015: Sonos Surprises, Home Automation, Core Brands, More
Yamaha Reinvents MusicCast Wireless Multiroom Audio System for CE Pros
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No Respect: Why Custom Electronics is Rodney Dangerfield of Design/Build Sector
By Joseph Kolchinsky. Without industry-wide generally accepted rules and standards (not regulations) for installation, the custom electronics industry will always 'Get no respect.' We need traditional schooling, pricing standards and expected service levels.
Death Knell Ringing for Manufacturers, Integrators Who Still ‘Don’t Get It’
By Joseph Kolchinsky. 3 disturbing conversations with leading manufacturers and a top custom installation company that still do not perceive how the industry must shift from an equipment markup business model to one based on providing valued services.
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Are Home Robots Ready to Play in Internet of Things?
Debunking ‘High Speed’ 4K HDMI 2.0 Data Rate Claims
3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind
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Ernie Gilman (Posted on 08/29/15, 01:49 PM)
Re point 4: Chris Pinder would do us all a service by hammering on the actual meaning of the existing terms, 4K Compliant and True 4K. His attempt at solving the problem gives us four expressions to remember! There’s an…
Harry P (Posted on 08/27/15, 10:06 PM)
I’d recommend Mixmastered Acoustics for custom made acoustic sound panels. They even made panels with my own images printed…
highfigh (Posted on 08/27/15, 10:14 AM)
While I agree that working with and improving the acoustics is one of the first things anyone should do for their listening room, home theater or any area where sonic accuracy is needed, thinking that the experience will be “the same”…
Chad (Posted on 08/26/15, 02:14 PM)
We need another speaker company like a fish needs a bicycle.. The statement as is does warrant these comments. It’s pretty clear of his intentions. If the company owes someone money then they should refund it unless Bankruptcy…
Chris E (Posted on 08/26/15, 12:27 PM)
Julie, everyone has setbacks as we all went through “08” among other things. Not the right way of doing business. His words. “Dealers with existing financial credits will lose those credits unless orders are placed…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 08/26/15, 12:02 PM)
Whoah there. Who among us hasn’t suffered business setbacks—sometimes of the catastrophic variety? Does that make the proprietor an evil person? There are many things we do not know and should reserve judgment until…
Jon W (Posted on 08/26/15, 08:44 AM)
What a joke. Good luck, they will need it. Who would ever buy from these guys. To many other options from companies that have class.
Jonathan Jordan (Posted on 08/25/15, 11:56 PM)
Scumbag! He is probably being sued right now, and this is his way of getting out of the lawsuit. Oh yeah, and by the way, he gets out of all of his warranty obligations. Is this guy stupid enough to believe dealers will buy his line of BS?…
Chris (Posted on 08/25/15, 10:15 PM)
Hilarious. Anyone who re-signs up with this guy and his new company is crazy.  I sure hope for his sake there are tons of new naive dealers out there chomping at the bit to earn that really sweet 100 dollar per month credit. LMAO, literally.…
Peter Hoagland (Posted on 08/25/15, 08:42 PM)
The headline reads “Production Builders Embracing Tech Again”. When did they embrace it the first time?
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