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Posted: 07 November 2012 06:45 PM   [ Ignore ]
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We are adding on a large addition with a basement home theater and inceiling Episode 150s in the kitchen, great room and playroom with the ability to listen to the TV in each room through them. The local large home audio/video company which I am currently working with had me run to every TV hookup: power, 2 cat 6, 1 cat 5 and RGB cables, 6 hookups in all. Their quote for all the equipment is over 12 grand, including, Shinybow 8x8 video matrix, Control 4, ADX-0808 audio matrix and amps, ect. I wanted a second opinion as the cost was so high, so I found a reputable local independent Home audio/video installer and he said that pulling all the RGB and the Shinybow video matrix was a waste as the industry is moving away from that. Several articles I have seen say that as of Jan. 2013 RGB will no longer be installed on TVs, DVDs, Bluerays, ect. The company I am working with said that that is all they recommend and use and had not heard of the Component Sundown at all. So what to do? Forget RGB, use a HDMI video matrix(expensive) and run everything throught the cat 6/5with HDMI dual baluns? Thanks. Need the info.

Posted: 12 November 2012 03:22 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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The long and the short of it is… you should really find a company that you trust.  Or, spend the time getting the information that satisfies you so you can decide on your own.  Any advice you get on-line should be weighed right along with the advice you’ve already received.  Your question about component vs HDMI likewise can be viewed multiple ways.

It is possible that the company you got a quote from has included all the parts needed to make a stable, long lasting system.  One they are willing to standby and support for the long haul. Should they be viewed as any less competant than a company who comes in next and says it is a waste?

HDMI is the direction things are going for sure.  But most importantly - find a company you trust and then, trust them.  Otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts second guessing each decision.  It sounds like your technically inclined, so that might be tough.  Use that interest and knowledge to identify someone who does things the way you’d like.  Continue to understand what you’re getting, but don’t let it become the cog that keeps you from getting a house dialed in.


Morgan Harman
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Posted: 20 November 2012 04:28 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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Analog Sunset is almost over, on Jan 1, 2013 the sun is down, all the component connections (RGB) will cease to exist on new products, and the current products in the pipeline will find their HD content down—rezzed to 576p on Blu-ray and some cable and sat systems.  All digital throughput is the standard to achieve the highest resolutions, HDMI is the only way to get 1080p uncompressed video and uncompressed audio as good as the studio master recording.  For $12K, an awesome system can be created to bring cinema quality movies and live music dynamics home like never before in history.  I would encourage the customer to educate himself, the dealers and installers have not kept up with technology and its buyer beware time. 

Today is Celebration Day, Led Zeppelin’s live reunion concert on Blu-ray is released.  Blu-ray music is the Holy Grail of High Fidelity, with bit-for-bit identical to the studio master sound but only if you are connected through a protected and secure connection that cant be copied.  Thats HDMI.


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