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Distributed Audio - Speaker Placement
Posted: 16 June 2012 09:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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How is everyone determining inceiling speaker locations for distributed audio in areas such a kitchens and dining rooms?  Are you using dual channel speakers or summing the signal at the amp?  Is their a “Best Practice”?



Posted: 18 June 2012 09:43 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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Usually this ends up being a compromise of asthetics/ design and placement of other elements like lights and celing features.  One could easily argue that background music doesn’t need L/R seperation so use DVC speakers, but more often than not a room or area has two channels setup in two speakers.  Your call.  You’ll have to then get the speakers size and location by the owners and anyone else involved.  So where you might determine as the ideal location for acoustics is likely not going to work for some other reason.  Perhaps ducting is in the way, or some major path for other pipes/wiring - a structural beam.  You’ll then need to find a location and balance it withing the room.  Or not, I certainly have seen examples where a speaker looks awkwardly dropped into the easiest spot to get to or shoved in the corner of the ceiling.  As you can see, my take on this is that there isn’t one simple way to do it.

Custom installation.  Happy designing.


Morgan Harman
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Posted: 09 July 2012 10:28 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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Hi Chris:

Each project is unique. You can use 2 ceiling speakers or just one stereo speaker if is small the area. In some cases I use a sound bar with 32 inch TV’s. (You know, some customers use this TV in kitchen more than his bedroom TV).

Honestly, in this is places nobody comes to hear music seriously. It’s nice for listen radio news, ambience music or some podcast, so dont worry so much about the specific location of these speakers.

Good luck!

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Octavio Rodriguez G

Posted: 25 October 2012 05:36 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
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In some homes I set it up Left and Right if it is clear where the left and right is going to be but in most applications homes and bars both channels are summed.
Locations is primarily based on listening locations within the room(s) and you also want a good even sound throughout the room.  Then there is also aesthetics stuff also must look even and pleasing to the eye as well as sound good that is why even in a mono setup speakers are usually placed in pairs or some kind of array but again depends on the room. As Morgan said ideal location usually do not work unless you are designing everything and working with the designer but there are almost always alternate solutions.  The key is good balanced sound and aesthetics.  There is no need for you to used stereo audio output if there is no clear stereo setting.  Sometimes 70V speakers even work great.


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