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State of this Business Model?
Posted: 06 February 2012 09:19 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Video Rules, & now anyone can buy a TV at the grocery store and who is making a profit anymore?

It’s a lilability just to handle one with less than 10% return and God forbid damage in shipping.

Everything can be stored in the cloud so why would you need any other source?

Almost to the point of just replacing that reciever to upgrade your system.

Quality audio in the I pod generation has been lost on most.

Keypads and remotes are being taken over with I pads and phones apps with little or no programming required.
General Public and even my builders who are left tell me that everything is wireless now so who needs us?

HDMI has been and continues to be an adventure that amazes me with all the hand shakes required.

19 tiny wires and a plug that requires huge holes and can’t be field terminated at least yet with full 3D performance.

Of course wireless has been announced and will be available soon.  Too early to tell.

Shielded Cat wire?  Seems like a step backward but if you don’t run it you just might be at your expense.  Been there.

For the life of me I can’t see where the next real profit center is going to come from. Maybe health care but most of those

devices can be bought at most drug stores.

Expenses are sky high and keep just to send out a truck is a wash.

Retrofits can be risky with the new rules and fines.

Can’t charge a customer for all the time it took when you just found out that new piece of gear or wire that has a problem or limitation.

Charge what it takes to pay a living wage and make a profit, only the top 10% will be able or willing to afford it.

Customer service from a vendor?  Some do but not most.

Then of course every time the internet has a glitch or the cable or dish blanks out I get a call because it’s the systems fault.

Not much left worth fixing, throw it away, buy a new one.

Uncle is not small business friendly and Health insurance can’t be touched by most.

It’s been FUN an adventure, a challenge, I enjoy it but for the devoted little business in this economy,

Going to be hard to survive without expanding into areas that are all ready be served by others.

Without the Fun toys it just becomes another job without the passion we’ve all so enjoyed. 

Just might be time to go back to a real school and beome a IT guy or get into health care. 

CEDIA put on a great face and it was nice to meet in person and put a face to those voices.

But after I started talking with them, everyone seemed down and out.  No real direction that’s exciting.

DID YOU SEE ONE?  Let me know.

Downtown Indy was torn to pieces, nice new convention center but the signage was confusing at best.

Most signs had a map but didn’t tell you were you were on that map. Took more time that it could have.

I really expected to see touch screen digital signage from this industry, very little was there.


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