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CE Pro Announces Winners of the 2015 Great Looking Racks Contest
All the way from the Mediterranean, Cyprus-based Elytronic was named the winner of the 2015 Great Looking Racks contest presented by CE Pro and Middle Atlantic.
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Famed Racecar Driver Alex Tagliani to Share His Smart Home Design, Construction Process
Exclusively with CE Pro, champion Indy racecar driver Alex Tagliani shares a video blog on the planning and construction of his new Canadian smart home and unique home theater.
CE Pro Announces Winners of the 2015 Great Looking Racks Contest
Holy Smokes! Integrator Finds ‘Pot’ of Gold in Marijuana Dispensary Security
Florida Integrator Converts Bank Vault into Home Theater Showroom
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Tom Cruise, Jimmy Fallon Discuss 2-Channel Vinyl Listening Rooms
By Jason Knott. A-list celeb and audiophile nerd Tom Cruise talks about how he referred Jimmy Fallon to build a 2-channel vinyl listening room with Synergistic Research cables, Magico speakers and McIntosh separates.
Julie Jacobson on the Virtues of ‘Less-Custom’
By Julie Jacobson. If more integrators sold less-custom systems that could be replicated from dealer to dealer, could customer accounts be bought and sold like they can in the security industry? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)
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Grayson Evans (Posted on 11/30/15, 01:26 AM)
Some Notes on the Comments and Things I forgot First I want to stress that if the U.S. is going to get to a point where we rely on renewable energy sources for a significant part of our energy needs, we will definitely need to get…
JerryS (Posted on 11/29/15, 05:20 PM)
@Julie, I’m not sure you understand the technology behind it.  A single LED (not a LED lamp) requires about 1.8-3.2V DC, depending on the materials used in the construction.  It also is not a linear device; under the design…
Todd Nelson (Posted on 11/29/15, 03:41 PM)
I have been working in marine electrical for almost 50 years. I have had direct experience with multiple voltages with both AC and DC. The problem with Grayson’s leaving home experiment is he failed to take into account the one thing…
Dman (Posted on 11/29/15, 10:37 AM)
I am a master electrician/inspector.  I would hope this doesn’t happen. I have seen so many scabby homeowner/mr.fix it installations it’s a surprise more of these places haven’t burnt down. To say electrical code is…
Ernie Gilman (Posted on 11/28/15, 04:26 PM)
When you say your small home has one 25 amp breaker, it’s worth repeating that your house runs on 230VAC. Your power distribution system only needs to supply a fraction of the current required for present systems (I believe you were…
Audioplus (Posted on 11/28/15, 02:06 PM)
Marc - Probably those that sell on the internet direct to end users. As I mentioned previously, after filing bankruptcy you can be back in business 30 days later with a new name. There are plenty of greedy vendors (and manufacturers) with…
Harris (Posted on 11/27/15, 04:25 PM)
We can certainly post a link to pictures from Elytronic’s project if there is demand.
Eric Thies (Posted on 11/27/15, 11:10 AM)
About time!  Dennis, you are a genius.
Rich (Posted on 11/27/15, 09:22 AM)
An ADT automation installer from three years ago, IC Realtime High end. The whole story is sad and a joke. All the big homes out theiir a no real automation installers are doing these installs. Consultants means they weren’t licensed…
Karey Anne Coppage (Posted on 11/27/15, 08:08 AM)
Awesome idea! Dennis Jaques is surely an entrepreneur to admire. Good luck on this new adventure!
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