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Is Tidal Imploding? David Solomon is Out, But Prince is In
Jay Z’s almost-high-resolution audio streaming service Tidal has no CEO and now no U.S. sales and marketing manager. HRA streaming veteran David Solomon is…
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Ron May (Posted on 07/05/15, 04:54 PM)
Another snafu is that 99.9% of the world has never been exposed to a true high end audio system where hi res audio would make the most difference. Bose is not hi-end, but if you ask the general public, they will tell you that Bose is the…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/05/15, 10:15 AM)
You are absolutely correct, PHAND. Along with Savant, Crestron, HAI, Elan, URC, RTI, On Controls and a few other custom-oriented home automation systems.
PHAND (Posted on 07/04/15, 10:26 PM)
IoT is the new .com bomb. And yes Julie, you do always seem to have a bit of a bias for C4.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/04/15, 02:15 PM)
Thanks to all supporters and detractors. The dialog is always worthwhile. David was really Tidal’s only link to this very important channel. I hope the engagement continues.
FHT (Posted on 07/03/15, 11:43 PM)
Why criticize Julie for writing an honest article?  The headline seems pretty accurate, and I don’t see any bias in the article.  So much reporting in our industry (all magazines) is filled with fluff, because the product…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/03/15, 10:23 PM)
The situation is dire there. It is what it is. We certainly do need them to thrive.
Robert Follis (Posted on 07/03/15, 09:40 PM)
It’s just disappointing that Julie’s article was headlined as another attack on Tidal. “Is Tidal Imploding?: is an unnecessary and negative headline. The industry needs Tidal and should be supporting it, not trolling…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/03/15, 03:43 PM)
Au contraire, GPS! Under “related stories” you can see how I praised Piper. in any case, this Canary story is more praise than disdain. Mostly incredulity, as with Nest’s $3.2 bn valuation and Dropcam’s $555M—totally…
GPS (Posted on 07/03/15, 01:04 PM)
No surprise here. If its not C4 or another Jeremy Burkhardt hair brain scheme you’ll be lucky to get praise from Julie.
Bryan Taylor (Posted on 07/03/15, 10:21 AM)
Some people consider 24/44k to be high res - sites like pro studio masters offer this resolution as the lowest of the high res formats. If people buy two MP3 album downloads from Apple, or 1.5 CDs at a retail store, that covers your monthly…
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