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Hands On: Screen Innovations Slate Zero Edge Full of Unexpected Value
CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer reviewed Screen Innovations (SI) Slate Zero Edge projection screen. Archer could see the 4K-compliant Slate surpassing the Black…
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#TBT: 6 Products to Watch for in October 2009
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Is Crestron Prepping Lighting Design Tool?
By Julie Jacobson. Trademark for 'SpaceBuilder' reveals some clues.
Integrator’s Perspective: WyreStorm Impresses at CEDIA Expo
By Joe Whitaker. Wyrestorm's Enado control system, HDBaseT matrix switching solutions, SDI Extension among products on display at CEDIA Expo 2014.
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Wulian (Posted on 10/24/14, 02:57 AM)
A Statement on the Announcement Email from ZigBee Alliance Chairman   Oct. 20th, 2014, Tobin J. M. Richardson, the American ZigBee Alliance chairman, sent an announcement mail in both English and Chinese to more than 400…
Wulian (Posted on 10/24/14, 02:53 AM)
关于ZigBee联盟主席通报邮件的申明 A Statement on the Announcement Email from ZigBee Alliance Chairman 近日相关媒体报道“10月20日,美国ZigBee联盟主席 & CEO Tobin J. M. Richardson向全球400多个联盟成员以及相关利益方发出中英文通告,指责中国公司‘南京物联’假借ZigBee联盟名义和对外公然宣称‘产品经过ZigBee认证’进行虚假恶意宣传进行全球通报。”
shownuff (Posted on 10/23/14, 11:29 PM)
Their products seem really expensive for some reason.  $80 for a door/window sensor in China?
Bill Kearney (Posted on 10/23/14, 12:30 PM)
Having been to both booths, the Denon one was considerably more crowded.  But then Denon has a lot more products to offer.  Still, there were a lot of folks around the Heos displays.  Sonos’ booth was well attended…
Robert Archer (Posted on 10/23/14, 10:03 AM)
I don’t necessarily think that making records or playing an instrument is a prerequisite for evaluating speakers, but it can help. The electronics industry has over the years done more to educate dealers through organizations…
Eric (Posted on 10/23/14, 09:17 AM)
John, I think this is a case of YMMV, where we don’t all buy speakers for the same reason. I’m not sure how many millions of records you’ve made or how many Grammys are in your trophy case, but I’m going to venture…
jhamill1 (Posted on 10/23/14, 07:51 AM)
We’ve installed our first Heos products over the last couple of weeks. Fantastic! Have you handled one of the preamps or heard one? That is a well built product. Certainly not a nickel or dime D/A chip. Sonos who?
Scott Johnson (Posted on 10/22/14, 06:37 PM)
Joe- Were you at CEDIA? Maybe I missed something. The HEOS booth was packed all show. I was there about 10 times each day bringing dealers by that were “hungry” for a solution other than Sonos. While there, I would look over at…
Music Fan Boy (Posted on 10/22/14, 06:08 PM)
So Bain does have more money for sure. Bain has no clue about the CE world Oh and Bain refused to give more money to Denon to launch Heos Before Cedia. So having money and knowing how to spend it are two different things.…
who has the money (Posted on 10/22/14, 02:33 PM)
Ok it is all fodder….and if you really want to find out the outcome… Who has the most $$$$... Bain capital or Sonos….Bain 70 BILLION, Sonos 500 Million…my take…Sonos gets no traction, but tries to send a message,…
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