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Spotlight on Power Management
Control4 Announces Record Q2 Revenues Up 22%
Control4's Q2 revenue hit $44.6 million compared to $36.7 million for the same quarter last year. Revenue for first half of 2015 is up 12% to $76.7 million.
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Automated Piano and Smart Home Music System Hit Right Notes in Penthouse
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2016 CES $100 Registration Fee Kicks In
By Jason Knott. The new fee structure to attend the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has begun. Integrators will now have to pay $100 to $300 to get in. The registration fee will increase to $300 on December 21 through the 2016 CES.
Debunking ‘High Speed’ 4K HDMI 2.0 Data Rate Claims
By Joe Perfito. Industry veteran Joe Perfito of Tributaries Cable goes on a fact-checking journey on how a "High Speed" 10.2Gbps HDMI cable can somehow now claim to send at a 18Gbps data rate for 4K video. New Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs will require at least 11Gbps data rate. Integrators are the last layer of protection for consumers.
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Mark Buzzard (Posted on 07/30/15, 04:14 PM)
I had a good feeling that q2 was going to be very strong. With the economy improving and all the new home construction along with popularity of smart home… All good things. Most of us dealers were waiting for the new products which…
Dave Borowski (Posted on 07/30/15, 03:28 PM)
A couple of touch points here: NFPA is clear and there are various tiers of engagement residential, commercial multistory etc.  Opening size, CFM, frequency of use, fire rating enclosure, penetration all come into play - the photo…
Mark (Posted on 07/30/15, 01:04 PM)
Dave. How would the codes relate differently than a bathroom exhaust fan which takes conditioned air and sends it through the attic to a vent. Most ceilings are not 1hr rated
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/30/15, 09:56 AM)
Most Web-connected CE devices are collecting your data (TiVo, Nest, cable boxes, TVs, etc.). Really the only remarkable thing here is that it’s the first time, because of the IPO, that a major CE mfr is putting it out there front and…
Larry (Posted on 07/30/15, 09:31 AM)
Had no idea my Visio tv was collecting my viewing habits. Anyone know a good class action lawsuit lawyer?
Ric Johnson (Posted on 07/30/15, 09:03 AM)
great point Dan, as we have been doing this also, but we tie that camera to the security system, which turns off the power unless the system is arms for away or night, as we use a Leviton S & A Omni platform. The pool camera is only
Hugh Massengill (Posted on 07/30/15, 07:42 AM)
I have a Vizio tv, and found that it is very easy to disable the Inscape link. Just go into system, reset and admin, and right click on smart interactivity and turn off. Hugh
Johnstone (Posted on 07/29/15, 09:43 PM)
Why woud’nt you move your company to a location where you can be closer to clients and dealers rather than sit in the middle of nowhere and travel ungodly distances every day? WTF does the full time pilot do when there is nowhere…
PShirley (Posted on 07/29/15, 09:31 PM)
A private jet? The King Air C90 is a beautiful turboprop but in no way is that plane classified as a private jet!! Perfect tool for his market! Expensive plane to operate though… I’d recommend getting a Diamond…
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