Tributaries PWRI-PRO in-wall power management outlet

Besides its surge and under voltage protection, Tributaries' new PWRI-PRO also provides homeowners with two built-in outlets of power conditioning that eliminates line noise to support the improved performance of products that are plugged into the product.

Tributaries PWRI-PRO is UL 1449, 498 and 514 certified and it carries a suggested retail price of $200.

By Robert Archer
October 04, 2011
Without question one of the most heavily scrutinized product categories in the entire world of consumer electronics is power protection/power conditioning.

The Florida-based manufacturer Tributaries is taking on the challenge of those who doubt the validity of power protection/conditioning through the UL certification of products like its new PWRI-PRO in-wall power management outlet. The PWRI-PRO carries 1440 joules of protection and it is UL 1449, 498 and 514 certified, which means it has met UL requirements for surge projection devices (SPD); UL standards for power receptacles and UL standards for cover plates for mounted wiring devices. The in-wall power product can be used to supply protected power during the installation of projectors flat-panel televisions and other home entertainment products.

Tributaries says the two-outlet product uses the company's latest X3 MOV technologies to provide surge and spike protection, under voltage protection and it filters out line noise to help plugged in products to operate at their highest levels. The RoHS-compliant device also includes LED indicators that communicate its operational status.

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