Optoma HD33 3D HD projector

The affordable HD33 projector from Optoma utilizes the company's 3D-RF active 3D glasses technologies that are designed to eliminate some of the problems the line of sight issues that are associated with standard IR-based active 3D technologies.


The $1,500 HD33 projector from Optoma incorporates HDMI 1.4a inputs and the ability to support side-by-side and top-and-bottom 3D video.

By Robert Archer
April 09, 2012
Depending on the quality of this summer's annual Hollywood blockbusters 3D will either continue to be an important entertainment option for consumers or it could be relegated to niche status.

No matter what happens with 3D this summer products like Optoma's HD33 HD 3D projector can provide homeowners with an affordable solution that drives their 2D and 3D home theater activities. The competitively priced projector is rated to deliver a brightness rating as high as 1800 ANSI lumens, and through the inclusion of the company's PureMotion3D and PureDepth technologies, consumers can view smooth 3D images and clear images that maximize the projector's brightness capabilities.

Optoma also incorporates its new 3D RF active 3D communications technologies to ensure a higher level of reliability that doesn't require line of sight connectivity. The company says the projector works with side-by-side 3D video and top-and-bottom 3D video, and it includes two HDMI 1.4a ports to support the connections of cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles and streaming media players. In addition, it also supports VGA, component, composite, RS-232 communication and 12-volt trigger connections.

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