Microsoft Dumps Media Center, DVD Playback in Windows 8

If you want Windows Media Center or DVD playback in Windows 8, you’ll have to pay for an upgrade.

By Julie Jacobson
May 07, 2012
Last month, we learned Microsoft would not include Windows Media Center in the default version of Windows 8.

Now we learn the company is dropping DVD playback software from the new OS.

Consumers who want these two features will either have to pay Microsoft for an upgrade package or find alternative solutions.

Windows Media Player will continue to be offered in all versions of Windows 8, but without DVD playback capability, reports PC World.

And since Media Center is absent by default in Windows 8, users won’t have TV tuner support or DVD Video Object (VOB) file playback without an upgrade.

The cost for such an upgrade has not been announced.

For a while there, Media Center was front-and-center on Windows 7 PCs. Microsoft was hoping people would click on the ever-present green-button logo out of curiosity, and then be so enthralled with the application that they start using it extensively for their entertainment needs.

We reported earlier about Ceton’s Echo Media Center Extender and Infinitv4 USB quad CableCard tuner, and wondered if the products could rejuvenate Windows Media Center. Excluding Media Center in Windows 8 probably won’t have much of a negative impact. It’s a niche application and people who want it will get.

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