AIX Records Shoots 3D Music Videos

Uses four prototype Panasonic 3D A1 cameras to shoot music videos.

By Robert Archer
July 09, 2010
AIX Records founder, chief engineer and president Mark Waldrep has always been ahead of the technology curve when it comes to adapting recorded music and emerging technologies.

Waldrep's latest effort shows that he's once again willing to get out in front of the technology curve.

The audiophile music label recently completed three days of high-definition music shooting - audio and video - using four prototype Panasonic 3D A1 cameras.

"These 3D music albums will be the first of their kind; the next level of intimate one-on-one music enjoyment in your home theater," Waldrep says. "These are not live concerts with thousands of screaming fans, but rather personal, private performances with our award-winning, audiophile quality sound."

AIX Records is planning on making the performances, which include artists like singer Rita Coolidge, country crooner Mark Chesnutt, flutist James Walker and Free Flight, and acoustic guitar player Laurence Juber, available for commercial broadcast and for purchase as 3D Blu-ray discs.

"Imagine having Rita Coolidge or Mark Chesnutt singing 10 feet in front of you in the comfort of your own home," he points out. "I might listen to a live concert DVD or BD [Blu-ray] disc one time, but an incredible sounding, surround, music album is something that can be enjoyed over and over again with or without the video."

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