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Olive 4HD, 5HD, 6HD Music Servers Coming in 2013

Olive Media will debut in 2013 the 4HD, 5HD and 6HD Music Servers that all features a new operating system and touchscreen interface.

Olive 6HD Music Server

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Olive Media recently offered free iPads and iPods to those buying its music servers. Apparently Olive needed to make room in its warehouse.

Olive is planning to unleash the 4HD and 5HD Music Systems in 2013, as well as the next-gen 6HD Music Server. The 4HD and 5HD each have 32-bit/384kHz TI Burr-Brown Digital-to-Analog Converters and dual HD amplifiers.  The 6HD boasts a fully balanced differential DAC design with two Burr-Brown PCM1792A, and a linear high-precision power supply with custom-build toroidal transformers.

All of Olive’s products will have the new Music operating system and a touchscreen interface. Promising a better user experience and better animations, this OS was designed specifically for music. That touchscreen allows you to customize the way you view and browse through your music. It also allows you to pick selections with one touch.

Other features include a wireless HD docking station feature for streaming services and stored content from your favorite iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. It can also snag some of the favorites on your PC, Mac or NAS, through the WiFi Direct platform.

“With the introduction of the new line of products, Olive continues its tradition to deliver an amazing music experience,” stated Dr. Oliver Bergmann, co-founder and CEO of Olive. “To broaden the appeal beyond audiophiles with expensive stereo systems, we’ve equipped the 4HD and 5HD Music Systems with premium HD amplifiers. Just connect your speakers and enjoy beautiful sound.”

Available with a 2TB capacity, the HD Music Systems can store up to 6,000 albums in original quality, or 20,000 HD Tracks. The 5HD and 6HD also have a built-in CDRW mechanism to rip CDs directly to the internal HDD, including all album information and artwork.

The new 4HD is painted in a high-gloss white, with the 5HD and 6HD featuring a premium anodized finish. Olive is now taking pre-orders for all three for $1,499, $2,999 and $4,999, respectively. The company plans to start shipping orders in the first quarter of 2013.

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