Luxul Brings High-End Networking to Smaller Projects with $399 Wireless Controller, $700 Kit

Best known for pricey enterprise-grade IP networking solutions, Luxul showed at CEDIA 2014 the new low-cost XWC-1000 controller for managing up to eight wireless access points.

Launched at CEDIA 2014, Luxul's XWS-1310 bundle includes the XWC-1000 Wireless Controller, three XAP-310 wireless 300N low profile APs and a 5-port PoE switch. It retails for less than $700.

Luxul offers high-end, enterprise-grade IP networking gear for big homes, commercial environments, and demanding applications.

Now the company has a product for the rest of us – those who might have normal-sized homes but still want a rich network that supports critical applications, as well as bandwidth-hungry services such as streaming video.

Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2014, the new XWC-1000 is a wireless controller that offers centralized management for up to eight wireless access points (AP).

The price-busting $399 unit enables efficient WLAN setup, optimization and management, while minimizing roaming issues typically associated with multi-AP wireless networks.

“Most of the controllers on the market are designed for enterprise installations, which is way overkill for the residential and light commercial markets,” says Clark Roundy, VP marketing for Luxul. “We’ve chosen to take a more targeted approach and designed the XWC-1000 to support a limited number of Aps, in this case eight, which is certainly more than adequate for most installations, especially when we can accommodate both standard power and high-power (further reaching) APs with the same controller.”

The controller supports all Luxul standard-power APs, as well as the XAP-12xx and XAP-15xx series of high-power APs—maximizing the performance and coverage area of each AP, while further minimizing the cost and complexity of multi-AP deployments.

So What’s Missing?

Setting up and managing multiple APs through the XWC-1000 works pretty much like its enterprise-class counterparts, but on a much smaller scale, Roundy notes.

In terms of functionality, however, the lower-cost solution omits some of the advanced features found in Luxul’s traditional offerings, such as advanced security levels, quality of service (QoS) prioritization and billing.

Roundy explains that most home and small business owners don’t require these features in the first place and “most installers are not trained to implement them anyway.”

He elaborates: “Our installers are typically not IP experts. They know A/V or security or home automation. IP is a necessary evil to them. So, we have designed this product for them - simple and easy to set up with no more than they really need in order to create a reliable wireless network.”

Roundy suggests that the XWC-1000 would be suitable for some 80 percent of the custom-install market. And for the 20-percenters, “there are plenty of higher-end offerings available.”

With a product that now hits the sweet spot of home networking, says Roundy, “We see this as an opportunity to really own the market with a fantastic product that hits the mark for the majority of the dealers at a very fair price, allows them to be successful and make money while also opening the door for them to use our entire product line.”

In addition to the XWC-1000, Luxul is offering the XWS-1310 bundle that includes the controller and three wireless access points and a five-port PoE switch for less than $700 (with generous dealer margins):

Luxul’s XWS-1310 Wireless Controller System includes everything a custom installer needs to quickly setup a reliable whole-home or light commercial wireless network. The system includes the XWC-1000 Wireless Controller, three XAP-310 wireless 300N low profile APs and a 5-port PoE switch. The system can easily be expanded with up to 8 APs and is compatible with all Luxul standard power APs as well as high-power XAP-12xx and XAP-15xx series APs. The XWC-1000 controller enables efficient WLAN setup, optimization and management, while minimizing roaming issues typically associated with multi-AP wireless networks. The XAP-310 APs use 802.11n technology and are designed to be mounted on a ceiling, wall or other surface. They are PoE powered, requiring only a single Ethernet cable for installation.  Designed to be both simple and cost-effective to deploy, the XWS-1310 offers an ideal solution for residential and light commercial wireless networks. Other Luxul wireless controller systems with high-power 802.11ac dual band APs will also be available, while the XWC-1000 can also be purchased as a standalone product for use in existing Luxul installations.

All Luxul products include free lifetime support and are available only through specialized distributors of residential and commercial integration products – ADI, AVAD, WAVE Electronics and members of the PowerHouse Alliance.

At CEDIA, Luxul announced its latest distributor partner, Capitol Sales.
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