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Spotlight on Wire & Cable

How to Terminate HDMI Cables in the Field

A step-by-step look at how to terminate HDMI cables in the field with BTX Technologies.

Terminate HDMI Cables in Field
One of the more common complaints from installers is the inability to terminate HDMI cables in the field.

AudioQuest appeared to solve the problem in January 2009, showing off the first HDMI cables and connectors that can be terminated in the field and still work.

BTX Technologies is now touting a solution that can terminate HDMI cables "in about 10 minutes," allowing installers to create custom lengths of up to 39 feet at resolutions of 1080p, 12-bit deep color.

BTX has a step-by-step termination guide that details how its solution works.

Click here for How to Terminate HDMI Cables in the Field.

Spotlight on Wire & Cable

Everything You Need to Know About HDMI
Download this paper and get a review of the new HDMI specs, troubleshooting tips and advice.

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7 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Gary  on  03/25  at  09:08 AM

That is a lot of work to make a 39ft cable that may or may not when I’m done.  I’d rather do fiber and have something that I know will work and will go over a 1,000 ft with proper products, or just buy an off the shelf cable for shorter distances.

Posted by Joe  on  03/25  at  09:11 AM

+1 - I don’t really see a need for this either.  I think most of us have learned to not rough in HDMI cables anyway to avoid having a cut or bad HDMI cable in your walls.

Posted by Eyal Kattan  on  03/26  at  02:08 AM

Agree with both comments. HDMI cables are available in so many lengths, from 1ft to 50ft.

Definitely not worth the hassle and the risk of not working well.

Posted by Randy  on  03/26  at  09:51 AM

There is NO field terminable HDMI compliant solution. Yes HDMI is a horrible technology that needs creative answers like this, but CEPro should require full disclosure when you had an article on this very topic within the week.

Posted by Bruce S.  on  03/26  at  11:14 AM

Nice Idea. However I’m sure that the ends cost a bit as well as the wire. I might consider if they would just make it so you could use 2 Cat5/6 cables and put an end on them. Then it might be a Bit mot cost effective to look into rather than using Baluns.

And the above comments are correct in saying that it’s probaly not that much cost effective once you factor in time per end.

Posted by Franco  on  03/26  at  01:24 PM

Why is this here anyone that is doing any goodd work, as i say would only use baluns and cat 5 6 this is supid

Posted by Dave Stevens  on  03/27  at  08:09 AM

First off, all of the above posts make some solid points. However, here are my problems with this article/product:

1. HDMI Licensing LLC does not approve of any, “in field,” terminations.

2. Even if this product worked, which version of HDMI does it support? (Anything under version 1.3a is worthless)

3. Baluns do not always work due to the many HDMI variations, (1.1,1.2,1.3,1.3a,1.4), that HDMI enabled products use in their internal video rails/processing and video input and output stages. Thus, creating the perfect, “hand shake,” between components is not always possible whether you are using single or double runs of Cat 5 or Cat 6E in any length.

For more info, go to

I agree that HDMI is an abortion, but this is the hand the industry has dealt us. However, once a component receives a DPL rating, it will be safe for us custom installers to go back into the water knowing that the DPL standard will be our personal, “lifeguard.” Many major manufacturers have already submitted their products to DPL Labs to achieve this rating, which proves that they are well aware of the problem and at least are trying to solve it. wink

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