Home Health Technology Users to Hit 7 Million in 2012

Study says home health industry could provide unique revenue opportunities.


There will be more than seven million people using home healthcare technology in the United States and Europe by 2012, according to Parks Associates.

The new study says this could provide unique revenue opportunities for integrators, as few seem to offer home health tech.

Parks Associates says potential clients will range from seniors with chronic conditions to young consumers who want to “self-manage their personal health.”

“Service providers cannot ignore the opportunities inherent in the e-Health care model,” says Harry Wang, director, health and mobile product research for Parks Associates.

“Millions of people stand to benefit from e-Health applications. Providers should start drafting business plans, forging partnerships, testing hardware and software and conducting field trials.”

Parks Associates says integrators shouldn’t worry about the complexities of insurance and reimbursement in the home health market. It says integrators have dealt with similar issues, saying digital TV services “required negotiating franchise and licensing fees with a variety of different players.”

“Service providers are in a unique, once-in-a-lifetime position to enter and serve this growing service industry,” Wang says.

“The home will be the central location in the new preventive-care model in health applications, with broadband enabling home medical services, telemedicine applications, and patient monitoring.”


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