Hitachi Adds UltraThin LED TVs, Roku-Ready TVs

Hitachi has introduced a new lineup of UltraVision UltraThin LED TVs, including 3D TVs and TVs that are Roku Stick compatible.

Hitachi UltraVision UltraThin LED TVs

Hitachi is back.

After reportedly ceasing production of TVs and skipping the Consumer Electronics Show the past couple of years, Hitachi is introducing a new line of UltraVision UltraThin LED TVs.

The Smart 3D TVs, available in 48- and 55-inch versions, feature with built-in Wi-Fi, Netflix, Vudu Apps and YouTube.

The Platinum Series is similar, but instead of built-in streaming services the TVs are Roku Stick compatible. Just plug in a Roku stick, sold separately, and hundreds of Roku services are available.

Hitachi will also offer three Value Series lines. All three lines are thin bezel edge-lit LED TVs with Dolby Digital, PicturePerfect Video Processor, PC Input via RGB and a Sleep Timer. Prices on the value models range from $899 to $329.

Hitachi ushered in the era of the really-thin flat screen TVs way back in 2007 with the world’s first 1.5-inch LCD TV. Glad to see Hitachi has returned.

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