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CEDIA Expo Returns to Denver in 2013-14

Following two years in Indianapolis, the trade show will return to Colorado Convention Center.


CEDIA Expo will return to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for 2013-2014.

Is Denver a Good Choice for CEDIA?
We'll put it nicely, but people were not happy with Atlanta as the location for CEDIA Expo 2009. CEDIA Expo is in Atlanta for 2010 and then moves back to Indianapolis for…
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CEDIA Expo will return to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver in 2013-2014, CEDIA president Ken Erdmann said in an exclusive interview with CE Pro.

"There is no doubt that we loved Denver and for many attendees it is hands down their favorite venue," says Erdmann.

Based on feedback from attendees, the association announced last December that it would be staying in Atlanta only for 2010, then taking the industry's largest event to Indianapolis for 2011 and 2012.

"Our members spoke loud and clear and we listened. We are committed to Atlanta for 2010," says Erdmann. "We first [looked at] Denver for 2011 and beyond only to learn that there were no dates available to us for 2011 and 2012, but we could get space for 2013 and 2014 so we are returning to Denver for 2013 and 2014."

According to a CE Pro Survey, 56 percent of readers longed for a return to the Mile High City. In the meantime, the Expo will be in Indianapolis for 2011 and 2012, where the city has a new convention center, more hotels and more restaurants, according to Erdmann.

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Jason Knott, Editor, CE Pro
Jason has covered low-voltage electronics as an editor since 1990. He joined EH Publishing in 2000, and before that served as publisher and editor of Security Sales, a leading magazine for the security industry. He served as chairman of the Security Industry Association’s Education Committee from 2000-2004 and sat on the board of that association from 1998-2002. He is also a former board member of the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation. He is currently a member of the CEDIA Education Action Team for Electronic Systems Business. Jason graduated from the University of Southern California.

15 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  08/02  at  11:54 AM

Woo Hoo! Thanks, CEDIA.

Posted by Steve  on  08/02  at  04:15 PM

Mazel Tov !!!

Posted by Tuck  on  08/03  at  06:39 AM

Anywhere but Atlanta! Actually looking forward to spending time in Indianapolis just to check it out.

Posted by Flip  on  08/03  at  08:54 AM

Geez, am I in the minority here?? I prefer Indianapolis and have deliberately not attended EXPO for the last few years specifically because it was no longer there. I am at least looking forward to 2011. How about giving the NEW venue there a chance before re-committing to Denver???

Posted by Jon  on  08/03  at  09:10 AM

Vegas!!!!!  Lots of Rooms, Food, Airfare at good prices.

Posted by cavd  on  08/03  at  09:26 AM

Vegas baby!

Posted by Chris D  on  08/03  at  10:03 AM

VERY excited about this.  I was very disappointed with the Atlanta convention center layout and how it affected CEDIA last year.  (spent half my time walking miles between things)  Indianapolis will be good, but Denver is my #1 choice for CEDIA in the future.

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  08/03  at  10:05 AM

OK, I don’t want to start a whole debate again, but I would like to add 2 1/2 words: Minneapolis St. Paul.

Posted by David Nowak  on  08/03  at  10:54 AM

Oh c’mon Julie. How about the good ‘ol days in Dallas? 18-wheeler sized BBQ’s, quad stacked Runco’s, insanely hot days and nights, the Cowboys. Imagine the show at Jerry’s World now!

Posted by Leland A. Tobias  on  08/03  at  11:29 AM


Denver is Great. 

I also agree that Dallas was great with the BBQ.

Indianapolis just brings out the uneasy
9-11 feelings and the problems getting out of Indy with the aftermath.


Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  08/03  at  11:51 AM

I’ll take Dallas and crush anyone who again TRIES to beat me at Velcro Olympics. I’ll even put my arm back in a sling….

Posted by jbrown  on  08/03  at  12:52 PM

I’m with you on Minneapolis Julie, that place was great.

But since that’s not an option, I’ll take Denver over Atlanta or Indy any day. Indy is better than Atlanta for sure, but that’s not saying much.

Posted by Bill Skaer  on  08/03  at  04:27 PM

Dallas would be good again in a few years. The new Omni (host hotel) will be built next to the Dallas Convention Center and I think David could throw the BBQ this time. I did 4… now it’s David’s turn. I’m not sure which one was more fun to watch, the Velcro Olympics or the Sumo wrestling. Although I did love the fireworks display to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Indy is a great town so I’m looking forward to the next several years… Indy then Denver both great cities.

Posted by kevinkeenan  on  08/03  at  04:45 PM

I love Denver!  We rented Harley’s one year and BMW Touring bikes the next and spent a day riding through the mountains.  It was great.  In the last 10 years this is how I would rank the venues…

1. Denver
2. Indy (lots of memories including watching the Pats get their rings at their home opener against the Colts while in the ‘Blue Crews’ bar w/ my Pats jersey on.
3. Minneapolis (the skyways were great on rainy days)
4. Not going one year
5. What is this list about again?
6. Hey! Stop pulling your sisters hair!


Posted by David Nowak  on  08/04  at  08:00 AM

Bill, nothing could ever compare to your “backyard bbqs”. Unfortunately my backyard and pool can’t handle as many people as you did and my lowly Levinson driven pool music system can’t match the decibel levels you created. I could break out the weber grill though…Ahhhhhh the good ‘ol days, when money was free and clients were abundant!

See you at the oxygen bar in Denver!

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