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5 Great Looking Racks

Our annual ‘Great Looking Racks’ contest again shows us how CE pros impeccably install equipment and wiring.

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Equipment racks often take a back seat to that 180-inch screen, 3D projection system or killer surround-sound system when it comes to installation glory. Not this time.

Our annual “Great Looking Racks” contest, sponsored by Middle Atlantic, brings racks into the spotlight, showcasing those with both brains and beauty. The kind that meticulous custom installers are proud of and gloat about to friends.

Now in its sixth year, the Great Looking Racks contest continues to impress. This year we have a flawless rack that powers a 10,000-square-foot estate and 3D home theater, a rack created in 10 days squeezed inside a small mechanical room, and a full eight-rack system that links “over 48 miles” of wiring.

There is something sexy (in a tech-geek way) about a well-organized equipment rack. And our readers never let us down. Keep up the great work!

Click here for Best Racks of 2012.

Editor’s Note: Descriptions from the installers have been edited for publication.

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