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1-Gang, Power or Low Voltage, Indoor IN BOX™ Recessed Electrical Box, White Patented. Other patents pending.
Arlington’s single-gang recessed device box for new or old work allows furniture tor appliances to be flush against the wall.

For power or low voltage, indoor IN BOX™ mounts securely to the stud.

It’s a recessed box so plugs don’t extend past the wall, like they do in a regular box. You can mount TVs flush or push furniture closer to the wall.

UL/CSA Listed

Positioning tabs for 1/2” wall thickness assure accurate placement on stud

Textured, paintable trim plate covers edges of cut drywall

Horizontal or vertical mounting

Available in 1- or 2-gang styles for new construction

The 2-gang style allows you to install two duplex receptacles, or two low voltage devices in the box.

You can install one power or one low voltage device in the single-gang box.

Multi-gang styles come with a separator that allows you to install low voltage and power devices in the same box.

Available in one-, two-, three-, and four-gang styles in both white and black.

Canadian Buyers: Add “GC” to the end of the catalog number to include the ground clip.

1-Gang, Power or Low Voltage, Indoor IN BOX™ Recessed Electrical Box, White Product Specs
Catalog ID: DVFR1W
UPC / DEI / NAED #: 14330
Description: 1-gang recessed device box. White.
Unit Pkg.: 1
Std. Pkg.: 1

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Catalog ID UPC/DEI/NAEDDescriptionNoteUnit PkgStd. Pkg.
DVFR1W 143301-gang recessed device box. White.11
DVFR2W 143312-gang recessed device box. White.11