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1-Gang Indoor IN BOX™ Recessed Electrical Box
Arlington's recessed indoor IN BOX™, for new or retrofit, allows LCD and plasma TVs (furniture too!) to be placed flush against the wall.

For power or low voltage, indoor IN BOX mounts securely to the stud (new construction) or drywall (retrofit).

It’s a recessed box so plugs don’t extend past the wall, like they do in a regular box. You can mount TVs flush or push furniture closer to the wall.

  • Positioning tabs for 1/2” wall thickness assure accurate placement on stud
  • Mounting wings hold box securely against wall when screws are tightened
  • Textured, paintable trim plate covers edges of cut drywall
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Available in one, two-, three-, or four- gang styles for new construction or retrofit in existing walls
  • UL/CSA Listed

1-Gang Indoor IN BOX™ Recessed Electrical Box Product Specs
Catalog ID: DVFR1W
UPC / DEI / NAED #: 14330
Description: Single-gang Indoor IN BOX™
Note: White
Unit Pkg.: 1
Std. Pkg.: 1

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Catalog ID UPC/DEI/NAEDDescriptionNoteUnit PkgStd. Pkg.
DVFR1W 14330Single-gang Indoor IN BOX™White11
DVFR2W 143312-gang Indoor IN BOX™White11